Shocking Update: I Still Hate Ricotta

So yes friends it is confirmed that ricotta still sits on my Top Ten List of Foods I Love to Hate. I came across a batch of recipes in the September issue of Martha Stewart Living in the What’s for Dinner? section that consisted of Egg-in-the-Hole Toasts with Ricotta, Celery and Cucumber Salad with Herbs, and Bacon with Citrus Glaze (there is also a Plum Tartes Tartine recipe but I was testing another dessert). Foods I hate typically stay there for one reason or another, but I do try to taste them at points in my life because you never know that one day when KAPOW you like it…cue sparkles, sunshine rays and birds chirping.

We all know I love bacon and I’ve had different variations of the glazed kind, including the ever-popular brown sugar version but one with a citrus/honey glaze? Me thinks not! This bacon was delicious but be sure to keep an eye on it. I don’t know why, but it was flimsy at one moment and on its way to overcooked land in a millisecond.

The cucumber and celery salad was simple, straightforward and refreshing – no complaints here. Now, the Egg-in-the-hole Toasts? I love eggs, as we all know, and I like eggs in a hole anyway. I thought maybe the ricotta mixed with the thyme might cut down my dislike for this particular cheese but ummm hell no. I took one bite and swallowed the grainy, bland cheese then scraped it all off and ate my eggs, toast, Parmesan (thank goodness for the Parmesan) and bacon. It was a perfect dinner after that!

Wonder what on my hate list I can try next? I couldn’t locate the recipes online so all three are posted below.

2 thoughts on “Shocking Update: I Still Hate Ricotta”

  1. Yes marscapone though has a sweeter flavor and more velvety texture than icky, grainy no flavor ricotta in my opinion. I could eat a tub of marscapone if I didn't monitor myself! Do you like ricotta? If so, we can no longer be friends. 😉

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