Angel Nachos

You know you know them, and loathe them. The food devil on your left and food angel on your right. As you know from this blog, I love satisfying both, especially if it’s in a dish like NACHOS! I’ve made my love for anything Tex-Mex or Mexican food evident here as well. Enchiladas, tacos, refried beans and chips and salsa make me weak in the knees and fat in the hips. When I was perusing the October issue of Cooking Light, I stopped and beheld this Pork and Pinto Bean Nachos recipe. “How perfect!” I thought to myself, “not only is it College Gameday, a perfect day for nachos, but I can enjoy these and not feel too guilty.”
After watching the number two Texas Longhorns own UTEP on Saturday, and see Colt McCoy FINALLY be the talented quarterback that we all know he is, I floated on my cloud #9 into the kitchen and started on these nachos. First, the juicy pork was a perfect, healthy protein choice for these nachos. Second, the beans, dear goodness. I loved the silky pinto beans with the added spice of the chipotle in adobo sauce, lime juice and bacon…I repeat bacon. Finally, the fresh, delicious salsa of tomatoes, crunchy jicama and creamy avocado was perfect. Obviously, since this is just for one person I paired it down for just me and it was the perfect size and serving for a healthy spin on nachos.
On a side note, my Fellow Foodie Blogger’s Tour (FFBT) fell with a sad ker-plunk due to well, life getting in the way. I was set to test two recipes on my final day, one from my lady in food crime and fellow foodie team member Jodi from Tasty Touring and Nicole from Feast Your Eyes, who I have never met but I love her blog! I will revisit the FFBT soon and I promise to test the recipes I wanted to try toute suite. In the meantime ladies, thanks for the continued inspiration.

2 thoughts on “Angel Nachos”

  1. I can't remember if I bookmarked this recipe or not, but if not, I think I should make it too! I looove nachos (and all things Tex-Mex), but whenever we make them, we load them up with Mexican chorizo, tons of cheese, and refried beans…Probably not so good for us! But then we at least put tomatoes & avocado & lettuce & cilantro & jalapeno…I use those veggies to justify it all! LOL…Anyway instead of making refried beans from scratch, we use Amy's brand organic vegetarian refried beans. They are obviously quick since they are from a can, but they are also really, really tasty, and they are not full of all kinds of crap like alot of other processed foods.

    That will be cool for you to try out one of our recipes and I would be quite honored! What are you thinking of trying out?

  2. Your story for the meatball heroes cracked me up and would love to give those a try. I'm a sucker for anything with meatballs but I'm open to any suggestions of your favorites too!

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