That Cover Recipe

Behold a recipe discussion between Apron Adventures and I the weekend after we had both read the new Bon Appetit.

AA: “Did you see the new Bon Appetit and that cover recipe?”

Me: “Yes, I think I marked half the magazine. I love this time of year!”

AA: “Yeah, but did you see that Beef Short Rib recipe on the cover?” Cue AA’s look of pure love when she has a new recipe in sight that’s something like this…

Me: “Yes I might try that soon along with the other recipes.”

AA: “Emily you have to try that Beef Short Rib recipe!”

I agree with Apron Adventures that cover recipe of Braised Beef Short ribs with Red Wine Gravy and Swiss Chard does look absolutely amazing, in fact so amazing that I most certainly did have to try it this weekend. There is nothing like beef short ribs sitting and braising in the oven for hours while the delicious smells fill your house and hungry tummy.

This was a great recipe and you can tell how badly I wanted to try it even though I didn’t have one piece of required equipment – a food mill. Now, I’ve always wanted one of these gentle appliances but everytime I think I want to spring for one I question how much I would use it. Of course, I then choose recipes like this that I HAVE to make and end up kicking myself for not just going ahead and getting one (and an immersion blender and a candy thermometer). This was a very simple recipe to assemble and when it came time to food mill the sauce I just strained it through all of the yummy carrots, celery, sun dried tomatoes and garlic and reheated per the instructions.

Sigh, that I couldn’t really test this recipe to its full potential but I wanted to post here because it was amazing. The flavors of the short ribs were delicious and even without going through food mill land, the sauce was great. I served this over the suggested sauteed chard and also made mashed sweet potatoes that had been mixed with a little bit of maple syrup and some cinnamon. How fall-ish and wonderful this meal was!

If you have tried this recipe in its full glory please leave a comment or a link to your blog to let me know what you thought.

2 thoughts on “That Cover Recipe”

  1. Haven't tried it in its "full glory", but we made up a similar recipe based on that one instead of following it. We bought short ribs from the farmers' market and braised them with aromatics and san marzano tomatoes. Similar, but different! We served ours with creamy polenta.

    Pictures weren't too pretty though, so I doubt we'll post them up.

  2. I wish I could say you were exaggerating about my love for this recipe- but who am I kidding? Glad you loved it, and I too made it sans food mill and thought it was wonderful!

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