Fastest Dinner Ever?

On Monday it was just me, myself and I at home since Alex was working and I wanted something simple, delicious and quick so I could get to perusing ALL of the food magazines I had waiting for me on the couch. As I searched for the perfect recipe I knew I wanted fish and I had some broccolini that had to be used that night or it was hitting the trash, and I hate to waste produce…hate, hate, hate.

After searching and searching I found this little gem on Bon Appetit’s Web site. This Seared Artic Char with Broccolini, Olives and Garlic was the perfect fit for my needs. After work I went to Central Market to pick up a fresh filet of artic char and wouldn’t you know it, the woman right in front of me took the last one. As I stood there moutbreathing in front of the fish monger he quickly recommended barramundi instead. I’ve had this delicious fish a few times in restaurants but never cooked at home. YUM. This was a perfect alternative to the char and very easy to make.

Not only was the recipe, simple, simple, simple and came together in a flash, but the garlic, olives, orange and white balsamic vinaigrette all played nicely together in the sandbox. If you want something fast and delicious give this one a try and if you do try it with artic char let me know how it turns out.

I have recipes marked for days including a possible Brinner (Brunch/Dinner) coming up next week so stay tuned…there might be homemade strawberry pop tarts involved. Strawberry homemade pop tarts…marinate on THAT for a while.

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