Our gentle friends Kari and Mike are tying the knot in Fredericksburg next month and we had the pleasure of accompanying them for a venue site check for their big day at Kairo’s just outside of the town (beautiful by the way, if anyone is looking for a wedding venue). After the site and food check (nom, nom, nom) it was time to explore Fredericksburg, and explore we did. Of course we always have a blast with our friends Kari, Mike, Raul and Leigh and decided to hit up House.Wine. for a celebratory beverage. I’ve been here before, but forgot how much I love this little place right off the main strip. It’s a little more modern in decor that other spots in the area and they offer some pretty delicious wines, especially from California, including one of my favorites L’Aventura…it’s too expensive to enjoy unless you are celebrating an anniversary or passing a kidney stone but I will admit for about five seconds I was tempted, you know, for Kari and Mike of course.


After a wardrobe change into our boots, we hit up the famous Hondo’s on Main. This place is such an institution. The Lunaritas are INSANELY alcoholic and even with a big warning from Kari and Mike to not eat the pineapple, I did, and I think I’m still regretting it a month later. We had a smorgasbord of food to enjoy including the Three Crunchies including Curly Q potato fries, Onion Strings, and Fresh Fried Parmesan potato chips and the Nacho Contruction Kit – a pan of crisp corn chips layered with Cheddar and Monterey Jack cheeses, green onion and thinly sliced jalapeños. Plain saucesomeness if you ask me. When you are inside Hondo’s you notice picture after picture of John “Hondo” Russell Crouch throughout. He’s the founder of Hondo’s (obviously) and was the “official” mayor of Luckenbach, so it only seemed fitting that we boot scoot down that way and start a two-steppin’.

Mike explains it best that Luckenbach is more of a venue than an actual city or town. You park in a parking lot, pay to get in and there is the general store, hat store, a few bars and small eatery and of course, the famous music hall. I have to digress with a quick joke when we walked into the General Store. There was a stuffed possum sitting in a case and the clerk says “That’s a Himalayan Possum, we found him a layin in the road” Cue the drum snare. We checked out Roger Creager, who was awesome! He’s definitely a little more old-school country (just my style) and we two-stepped the night away. Talk about a true Texas experience y’all.

Then came what we had all been waiting for, a burger at Alamo Springs Cafe. Mike and Kari love this place and in case you haven’t heard, it was voted one of the best burgers in Texas by Texas Monthly and received the coveted spot on the cover of the magazine – memorializing it always as just the “Cover Burger.” They mentioned that all of the burgers we amazing there but I had to get this famous burger goodness for my first trip. Let me tell you right now, it didn’t suck. A thick juicy burger stacked with grilled onions, tomatoes, avocados, melty cheese, and lettuce all smushed between two green chile buns. It’s the worth the drive out there and then some. I’m thinking about it as I type this and wish I could make one appear with a snap of my fingers. In-N-Out will always be my favorite, but this burger has definitely tied it for first place.

Best wishes to Kari and Mike, we love you dearly!


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