Coq Fight!

(Insert your best ring announcer voice here) In the blue corner we have the Quick Coq Au Vin  AKA “Quick Talons” from Bon Appetit weighing in at 371 calories per serving and a nine ingredient list, and in the red corner we have Easy Coq Au Vin  AKA “The Easy Breezy” from Cooking Light weighing in at 319 calories per serving with an 18 ingredient list.

Quick Coq Au Vin (Photograph by Jose Picayo)

The Easy Breezy comes out swinging with succulent chicken thighs that knocks Quick Talons’ use of chicken breast to the ropes but Quick Talons throws a powerful jab with its better use of bacon and less ingredients. Easy Breezy does a right hook with less calories and more veggie power. Quick Talons stumbles for just a moment and then comes roaring back with its great depth of flavor in the sauce. The jabs keep coming and it looks like folks we are going to a judges decision…who will win?

The judges take a look at both dishes flavor profiles and wish the fighters could combine The Easy Breezy’s chicken thighs with Quick Talons’ sauce but finally decide that…

The Easy Breezy is the winner in this highly contested fight! The crowd goes wild!

Check out Apron Adventure’s review of the same two dishes and see what she thought…great minds huh?

9 thoughts on “Coq Fight!”

  1. Hahah this was fabulous! Having made both recipes myself, I agree that cooking Light’s rendition wins out (would not have thought that going in!) Though I did cheat and kept the skins on the chicken thighs and drumsticks. Both are DELCIOUS :)

    1. Me either! Although we thought the Bon Appetit’s sauce was delectable, the Cooking Light was a “real” Coq Au Vin with the chicken being simmered in the sauce, plus I love chicken thighs so very much. Heck we both do!

  2. I had to break into my Special K bar stash at my desk while reading this, because I was suddenly starving. And no, it did not satisfy the craving, so I guess I’ll just have to make this tonight. Dang it.

  3. I love that you guys did this and am surprised that the Cooking Light version came out ahead although both were low in calories. When are you going to do this again? It’s such a fun concept!

    1. Let’s just hope at least two magazines have the same concept back to back or in the same month – this was soooo fun. I think we need a cassoulet next YUM.

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