Boy? Girl? Let’s Find Out!

284967_395016050552859_1805443785_nOK, I’m going to admit that I completely dorked out over the gender reveal party for our baby. Massive, massive dorkage.  Maybe it’s because I was so tired in my first trimester and wanted to get my food groove back on or I’ve been fatigued and haven’t been able to spend as much time with friends as I’m used to, whatever it was, I was pumped pandas. Never mind the fact that we were about to start calling “it” her or him instead! David and I got to see baby Kealey that Friday on a sonogram (such a cutie) and then proceeded to give the sealed card to Tyler, my niece’s super gentle chef boyfriend. Alex, my niece, created a blueberry and a strawberry pie filling, the super cute cutouts and then gave Tyler directions on how to make the pie once he opened the card. We got back from lunch and Tyler had done such an awesome job with the pie…look at that, he SHUT IT DOWN. I kept swearing up and down the color looked blue underneath and David thought so too. Not until tomorrow would we know!

So down to the food geeking out part. I wanted to make foods that represented our very different backgrounds including something that embraced my East Texas/Southern roots and his Canadian/Northeast ones. Obviously, my Mama’s chicken fried steak and creamy gravy was on the menu and as was poutine –  the national dish of Canada. David requested tomato soup and grilled cheese since he loved that as a kid and fried mac ‘n’ cheese because it’s “just so awesome” in his words. I also served a kale salad for those trying to eat healthy (weird, but it does happen here sometimes) plus Devils on Horseback because bacon, dates and cheese are never wrong, a cheese plate and crackers. I thought earlier in the day that I had bitten off way more than I could chew, but actually, it wasn’t that bad making all this food!

I made this soup last time we had a big party a la the Oscars 2011 when my English actor boyfriend Colin Firth won. Let’s pause for a moment and reminisce on that moment…yes, so, what was I saying? Oh yeah, the soup. That soup always gets rave reviews and it couldn’t be easier to make, I swear. Add on the grilled cheese sandwiches with tomatoes and olive tapenade from Cooking Light that were excellent and bam! you’ve got the perfect tomato soup and grilled cheese combo. I sense these two will resurface when the chillier months get here and I start turning into a walking whale. I also really loved the poutine dish I chose from Food Network. More importantly, it was David approved. One Canadian approval? Check and whew right? Also, the Fried Mac ‘N’ Cheese from Food Network was good in a “I shouldn’t be shoving this in my face because I will have a massive coronary in 3, 2, 1…” but yes, it was incredible. I will admit that I saved lots of time by purchasing store-bought mac ‘n’ cheese from Whole Foods and then followed the directions for frying it up. I’m up for a lot these days, but even that I couldn’t commit doing all that and mac ‘n’ cheese! Finally, these devils on horseback were gone between about four people (the smart ones who arrived early and helped me out Kari and Alex) in two seconds flat. I’m telling you,  Stilton cheese has the power to stop WWIII.

For dessert, well it was all pie including a new one we are trying out at The Pie Society (so unbelievably good, it’s my new favorite pie child) and our lemon curd and chocolate creme flavors. Nom! But, the piece de resistance went to the gender reveal pie. It was finally time to find out and lo and behold when we did, it was strawberry pink. A GIRL!!! I was beyond surprised as I’ve been convinced it was a boy. I really didn’t care either way, as long as we get a happy, healthy baby, but we’ll take sugar and spice and everything nice any time. We can’t wait to meet her! Now, on to names and the nursery that I can’t wait work on with David. Sigh, how I got so lucky to have him I’ll never know. Big thanks to my niece, Tyler, Kari and David for helping bring it all together!

Editor’s note: for some reason WordPress hates me. I’ve tried everything to make links/pictures work but something is up lambs. So until then, here are the links to the recipes and a link to the Flickr account so you can see how all the food turned out…I’ll get it figured out as soon as I can. Thanks!


Devils on Horseback:

Fried Mac ‘N’ Cheese:

Tomato Soup:

Grilled Cheese:



3 thoughts on “Boy? Girl? Let’s Find Out!”

  1. Oh my gosh, I love that it was a surprise for you guys! So freaking adorable. The photo of you guys slicing the cake is so wonderful. I think I would have had to cheat and stick my finger in before the party to find out!

    Congratulations times a million!

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