Let’s Be Frank


Normally, I leave Austin restaurant reviews to my buddy Jodi at Tasty Touring but I had to share my experience at Frank last night. The Lex and me wanted a gentle, cost-effective place to eat dinner for Saturday night, and having recently passed by this new Austin “artisanal sausage” establishment, we checked out the menu and after seeing its prices and bacon-licious menu, decided to go.

Ummm yeah, cue 10 minutes after we just ate dinner and Alex is in scrubs, curled up on the couch blissful yet so full she could die. Me? Well, I’m just in awe of the food, menu, service and atmosphere.

First, we had the Corn Cup which is grilled corn served with chili mayonaisse, lime juice, cilantro and cotjia cheese and the Ranch House Potato Salad with buttermilk ranch, hickory smoked bacon, cheddar and green onion. Simple and delicious and eaten in about .5 seconds.

I started my meal with the BOMB beverage called a Red-Headed Stranger which is – get ready – house-made bacon infused Dripping Springs Vodka with Frank bloody mary mix, cheddar cheese and bacon. Ummmm, I was a happy little lamb during this entire drinking experience. Bacon in your drink = happy Emily.



For the main course we had a friend join us and he got the Notorious P.I.G. which is housemade pork, bacon, jalapeno and sage sausage with macaroni and cheese and Texas BBQ sauce. I took one bite of this and for flash of a moment I thought about stashing it in my turtleneck and running out the door to devour outside. He also decided to “Pork It” which is where you can take any daily dog split and stuff it with white American cheese, wrap it in bacon and deep fried.

 Alex got the Chili Cheese Dog which is 100% Vienna beef, chili, cheddar and decided to “pork it” too. Now, I got the Nacho Dog which is refried beans, cheese, sour cream, pico, jalapenos which both were awesome! 


After eating all of this one would think we would be done but come on y’all it’s US! We got the bananas foster and they used rum and banana liquor instead of the traditional brandy which made it sweeter plus the they served with Amy’s Mexican Vanilla Ice Cream. We highly approve.

Overall the service was great and although they were out of fries (what?!) and the first dessert we wanted to go with, they were gracious about it and gave us alternatives that they didn’t include in our bill. Gentle.
Our next trip to Frank will be for brunch, chicken and waffles anyone?

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  1. Oh wow, can we please go there for lunch sometime? That sounds amazing! Though I'd probably want a few of those delicious-sounding bacon drinks, so maybe we should go AFTER work. Thanks for the stellar review!

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