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A Winning Night Take Two

As you might have guessed from my severe absence from this blog, we had the baby! Lila Katherine Kealey graced us with her presence on November 29 at 8:20 a.m. weighing in at 8 pound, 2 ounces and 20 inches long. The Kealey trio is doing just fine over here, albeit we don’t know what sleep is anymore, we’ve never done this much laundry in our lives and I now say things like “pee pee diaper” and “passy” (that’s pacifier for short) – I’m the happiest I’ve ever been in my life. I feel so blessed each and every day that I get to spend with her and David, plus, this parenting thing is fun! Tiring and overwhelming, but fun.

Of course, I’ve also gotten back to cooking as much as I can since I’m STARVING all the time now. I actually have cooked a lot and will start sharing with you all my findings over the past few months and of course, am back in the saddle moving forward. I’ve already started putting Lila in her chair and facing the kitchen so she can see me cooking and as I cook I explain to her what I’m doing and why. I can’t wait until she’s old enough so I can show her all the magic and love of cooking for yourself and others. More to come!

New Cookbooks = Dry Heaves

I’m in the midst of menu planning now that things are starting to settle after the wedding and we received two cookbooks that look amazing but give me goosebumps just thinking of trying to tackle one recipe in them – Alinea and The French Laundry. So, I’m asking my food friends out there on the interwebs if anyone has tried a recipe from one of these and if so, how did it go? I’m going to try and see what I can do too and share with you here…there is a recipe that has bacon powder. BACON POWDER! Yippee!

Also, I won’t be the crazy, just married wife, but I did want to share with you two of my favorite photos from our wedding last weekend. Awww lambs! Such a magical evening and if you live in Austin be sure to get Altared Weddings, ILD Lighting, Primizie Catering, Pearl Events (Jessica Brightwell is the BEST), Premiere Rentals (love Jeremy and Ken!) and Say Cheese! Photobooths as your vendors. They were amazing and so was the ArtHouse at the Jones Center – if you haven’t visited yet, I say why not? Support the arts!



Grubwithus ACL After Party!

So, I was just contacted by Grubwithus for an ACL after party this Saturday at Malverde. Although I am not going to ACL this year, I can still attend a party! In case you don’t know what Grubwithus is, here you go:

Grubwithus is a new company that offers affordable prix fixe dinners at quality restaurants with a twist. These dinners usually have between 6-10 people who have never met.  People can reserve a spot at dinner with friends, but it is definitely a interesting experience when everyone at the table is a stranger. Grubwithus’ unique Groupon-meets-Living Social concept has recently gained national recognition in The New York Times, Huffington Post and Tech Crunch. Grubwithus has already launched in NYC, Chicago, DC, San Francisco and LA  with plans to launch in Seattle and Boston before years end. Having Grubwithus in Austin is an exciting chance to eat quality food on the cheap and make some new friends along the way. The full list of upcoming meals can be found at

Cool way to make new friends and network huh? Here is the invite for the after party for those who are interested. I will see you there!

If you are going to ACL, who are you excited to see?


The Pie Society

As I mentioned last week, I’ve been working on a little project non-stop for about the past five months and now, it’s ALIVE. A little background shall we?  I received a degree in Corporate Communication and Public Affairs from SMU and naturally went on to pursue a job in PR. I had worked in many industries – cell phones, cat food, tax software you name it – but when I got into the food work I was a happy little panda.  I loved the work, my fellow colleagues, food media friends and my clients but something started to feel like it was missing. It started out as a tiny grumbly voice in the back of my head that continued to get louder and louder until one day I couldn’t take sitting behind a desk any longer or getting on one more plane ride for a business trip – something just wasn’t right.

One night I was talking to David about the situation and as you can imagine I felt rotten for feeling this way. A lot of people would kill to have a steady job and great work and here I was, miserable. So lame. We started talking about other avenues I could take which led to a discussion on current food trends. I then mentioned pie was about to get its day in the sun. I love pie. Love, love, love, love, love, love pie. I don’t seek out cake or even sweets really, but you put pie in front of me and I go bananas. I mentioned that I loved pie so much that I wished I could have multiple slices of pie without consuming my calorie and fat intake for the week in one sitting. And then, BAM.  I mentioned it would be cool to have a small tiny bite of pie that you could eat in two bites so you could eat a variety of different flavors. I’m such a fat kid, I swear. Like an itch I couldn’t scratch, I couldn’t get the idea out of my head.  I told my little idea to Lindsay Leslie who was already doing her own pie blog plus she was an ex fellow PR colleague of mine so I knew she would be just as anal retentive as me. 😉 I’ll never forget telling her the idea and she hit the table and goes “let’s do this!”.  Since then, there has been sweat, some tears, some burns, total recipe fails, total recipe successes and a lot of  “What the hell you mean we need fill in the blank with something extremely absurd here that too?” I know now what an LLC, DBA, EINs, blah, blah, blah means and could not be happier with what we’ve created. VOILA LAMBS!!


She's My Cherry Crimps

Introducing Crimps, the two-bites-and-you’re-done pie! We have six flavors, full-sized pies and dipping sauce we call Complements. I’m not going to tell you much else because I would love for you to visit and if you live in Austin place an order and see for yourself. Fingers crossed poodles.  We are the little pie engine that could but don’t worry, I still have to eat SOMETHING else other than pie so I’ll still be here testing and tasting recipes so you don’t have to. One final note, without my niece Alex, Lindsay my partner in crime and sounding board/counseler/pie mom, support of my amazing friends and of course my prince charming David, none of this could have happened. Thank you a million times over for everything.

Big hugs and smooches,


Happy Birthday Cooking Inside the Lines!

Wish me luck, my blog has reached the terrible twos.  My how time goes by in a blink. It’s hard to believe that two years ago I started CITL with this gentle Ina Garten recipe and now 200 posts later here I am, still testing and tasting recipes so you don’t have to. Through this little blog experiment I’ve found that I have much more confidence in cooking now than when I started – I’ll show you Mr. Cheese Souffle! It also has continued to fuel my true passion for food and cooking each and every day. Most importantly, I appreciate even more what food does best – bringing friends and family together. Thank you for reading Cooking Inside the Lines and I hope for many more years to come  it continues to keep you cooking in the kitchen too.

Moving on to what we are having for the week. I just picked up the new Cooking Light so it is all recipes from the new issue:

Sunday: Brazillain Feijoda on Rice with Oranges (this is sitting in the slow cooker right now and the aroma is starting to permeate the house…yum so far!)

Monday: French Onion and Apple Soup and Crispy Topped Brussel Sprouts and Cauliflower Gratin

Tuesday: Asian-Glazed Chicken Thighs with Radish-Squash Slaw

Wednesday: Chicken Souvlaki Pitas with Tahini Sauce and Greek Salad

Thursday: Out-N-In California Burger. My favorite burger on the planet is In-N-Out and this is supposedly a take on their famous burger. Nothing beats a Double Double with Cheese Animal Style but I’m really looking forward to seeing how close they get to a traditional In-N-Out Cheeseburger. Great, now I have their jingle stuck in my head, “”In-N-Out, In-N-Out, That’s what a hamburger’s all about!”

If you are scratching your head over what’s for dinner tonight, might I suggest this Morrocan Shepard’s Pie from Cooking Light? We had this the other night and it was AMAZING. It’s very simple to assemble and is a stunner when served at the table. We loved all the spicy lamb mix and the sweet potato mash brings the whole dish together. Love!

Moroccan Shepard's Pie (Photo by John Autry)

Barley Swine

Gulp, gulp, oink, oink. You could say that was certainly me at Chef Bryce Gilmore’s new venture Barley Swine. Chef Gilmore has earned critical acclaim and tremendous success with his food trailer venture Odd Duck. Having eaten there plenty of times, and dreaming of some of his concoctions when I went to bed at night, I was pretty certain Barley Swine was not going to disappoint. I love it when I’m right.

David and I went there with Luke and Lindsay, AKA Apron Adventures, on the restaurant’s first official opening night. Heck, I was even nervous for the restaurant but there was no need for the nerves, the food seriously, seriously rocked.  Just to tell you how much it did, as we were walking in two guys said “Just order everything on the menu, it’s that good.” I did want to order the whole menu but we settled on: Potato fritters with goat cheese, leek, espelette; white bean soup, Spanish chorizo, flaked cod, olive; scallop, duck cracklin, cauliflower, green garlic, coriander; barley, foie gras, duck sausage, mushroom, sweet and sour onion; sweetbreads, garlic puree, almond, brussel sprouts, bacon. INSANE, all of them. I almost licked the sauce off the fritter, scallop and sweetbread plates. One small complaint, the soup came out lukewarm instead of hot. We weren’t sure if that was how it was meant to be served or what but it was still amazing.

For wine drinkers like moi, be warned that the wine list is limited. It’s not called Grape Swine now is it? The beer list is lengthier and I was told had a nice selection. I ordered the Troublemaker blend and thoughrougly enjoyed it. The space is super small and is all either community tables or bar seating so be prepared to get to know your fellow diners or the chefs!  Overall, we loved our first visit and thank goodness it’s just down the street so we can go again and again and again. We’ll be back Barley Swine. Call me, mean it!

Sweetbreads...kidding. We forgot to take a photo but check out this decked out Christmas El Camino we saw on our way home. Oh Austin...
Potato Fritters (Photo by David Kealey)
White Bean Soup (Photo by David Kealey)
Scallops (Photo by David Kealey)
Barley, Duck Sausage (YUM!) and Foie Gras (YUMMMMM!) (Photo by David Kealey)

Seasons Eatings 2010

Lambs, poodles and pandas…here we are, another Christmas just around the corner and once again I will be stuffed to the gills with Mama Ingle’s food, taking random cat naps wherever I see fit and beating my Dad at checkers. He won last year, but this year my friends I’m feeling strong. I hope your holidays are filled with warmth, happiness, good food, gentle friends and family and maybe a little bit of A Christmas StoryElf or It’s A Wonderful Life (I choose all three!). Thank you for reading Cooking Inside the Lines and here’s to a happy, prosperous and food-filled 2011. Heart you all!


Next Week’s Menu Plan

I’ve made the command decision lambs to start sharing with you my menu plans each week as I create them. Anyone who knows me knows that for some strange reason creating a menu plan is my moment of “zen” during the day. I’ve heard others say they would rather have a root canal so if this helps at all with your weekly planning let me know!

I like to balance my week out with a variety of proteins, cuisines and of course quick-cooking choices during the weeknight to keep our dinners something to look forward to each and every night. Plus I tend to think about leftovers factor so we can keep enjoying our delicious dinner while we pound away at our desks the next day – a bit of a gentle culinary break in the middle of our work day.

Since I had today off,  I went ahead and planned this Saturday through Wednesday’s menu plan. The reason why you don’t see Thursday on here (yet) is because each week we go to WAKA Kickball at Gillis Fields (Go Brown Chicken Brown Cow!) but you will soon once the playoffs are over:

Saturday: Egg White and Sun-Dried Tomato Frittata (the rest of the day is filled with the UT vs OSU game, yes I know we are going to get pummeled :()


Breakfast – Leftover Frittata, Fruit Salad with fresh mint and poppy seed dressing

Lunch – Braised Chicken with Red Potatoes and Tarragon Broth with Sweet Potato Biscuits

Dinner – Balsamic-Glazed Pork Chops with Polenta (make meatballs tonight)

Monday: Meatballs All’Amatriciana (Squeal! Made this some time ago and can’t wait for David to try – I recall this being one of the best dishes I’ve ever tried)

Tuesday: Braised Chicken with Dates and Mashed Sweet Potatoes

Wednesday: Scallops with Green Tea Cream and Sauteed Baby Bok Choy

There you have it my menu plan for the week. We will see how it goes and more updates to come…super excited about the scallops dish not gonna lie.

Burgers and More Burgers

Since I got an iPhone I’ve not only embraced apps like Angry Birds (curse this game as it is waaaay to much fun) but I’ve also gotten into Twitter. If you don’t use it yet trust me, I didn’t really understand it’s worth until I started following all of my favorite culinary sites, chefs and magazines out in the Twittersphere and had my “Aha!” moment. Not only does it keep a constant pulse on the latest and greatest food news but I come across items like this, The Best of Epicurious. @FavFoods Tweeted this lovely little post and lo and behold I found that three of the burgers tested on Cooking Inside the Lines made the cut.

Open Face Crab Burgers with Red Pepper Dressing (photo by: Antonis Achilleos)

Coffee-Rubbed Cheeseburgers, Open-Face Crab Burgers with Red Pepper Dressing and The Aussie Burger were in this list of a dozen. If my recommendations aren’t enough for these recipes (haha I laughed as I wrote that) then take Epicurious’ word for it…they are. Now I believe it’s time for me to try the rest to see if these other recipes are up to snuff don’t you?

Follow me on Twitter if you are so inclined @EAIFood and a few of my other foodie friends @tastytouring, @sugadeaux and @apronadventures.